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Walker Young - Trip to Madagascar

Walker Young works as Assistant Curator at The Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek. In addition to managing the private collection and propagating plants for use in the garden, he does detailed plantings and naturalistic rock work throughout the garden. Prior to his involvement with TRBG, he received a B.A. in History at UCLA and worked as an English teacher in Santiago, Chile.

Mr. Young traveled to Madagascar in the fall of 2012 with Brian Kemble, Kelly Griffin, and Jeremy Spath. It was a whirlwind tour focusing on the island's amazing Aloes. During the three week trip, the group covered more than 4500 kilometers, crisscrossing Madagascar's central highlands and arid southwest. Highlights included locating a large population of the highly-endangered Aloe suzannae, as well as visiting a number of newly described taxa including Aloe castilloniae, Aloe pachydactylos and Aloe erythrophylla var. major. In addition to several dozen Aloe species, the group saw five species of Adansonia, a dozen different Pachypodiums, and too many other oddballs to list. These ranged from tiny Ceropegias and Pepperomias to massive Delonix and Moringa trees.

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