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All About Euphorbias - Naomi Bloss

This month’s speaker will be Naomi Bloss. She will be speaking on the subject of Euphorbias. The topics will include their cultivation, propagation, origins, and a general overview of the genus. This presentation will be highly visual and your general questions will be welcomed on this fascinating genus. Naomi will also be bringing plants for sale.

Cactus:         Advanced • Novice  
Hairy Cactus
Succulents:         Advanced • Novice  
Succulent Bulbs (Albuca, Boweia, etc.)
Something Special:         Advanced • Novice  
Euphorbia (or your choice)
Beginners' Luck:         Novice Only  

Note that the meeting will be in the Meeting Hall this month
and not in the Multi-Cultural building.

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