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Rare succulents of the Knersvlakte quartz field

Russell Wagner has been a member of the San Francisco Succulent and Cactus Society since 1997 and served as editor of the Cactus and Succulent journal for seven years. He has an 800 square foot greenhouse in West Oakland where he cultivates a wide variety of rare seed-grown succulents that thrive in our winter-rainfall climate. Russell is also the proprietor of Little Sphaeroid Press, a company established to produce fine books about succulent plants. Their first title in Steven Hammer’s "Mesembs" series was released in 2013.

Russell is this month’s featured grower. He will bring for sale a number of rare mesembs, small winter-rainfall bulbs, and other unusual plants not normally seen. Russell is known for his depth of knowledge on succulent cultivation, so feel free to ask him just how he grows these special plants.

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Cactus:         Advanced • Novice  
Anything from South Africa or Namibia (except for Crassula)
Succulents:         Advanced • Novice  
Crassulaceae from South Africa and Namibia
Something Special:         Advanced • Novice  
Stapeliads: Huernia, Stapelia, Piaranthus, etc. (or your choice)
Beginners' Luck:         Novice Only  
Shake some winter blues: Succulents with blue, blue-gray, or blue-green leaves

The meeting will be held in the Meeting Hall

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