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Peter Beiersdorfer - Succulent Tidbits from Around the World

Starting with a few cacti from the garden section of one of the local stores, Peter Beiersdorfer has been growing an ever expanding collection of succulents in his backyard in Livermore for the past two decades. He has traveled on many trips to countries around the world to see succulents in habitat. In his presentation, Peter will introduce succulent plants from lesser seen locations around the world. The regions visited include the Rhine Valley of Germany, the Swiss Alps, the Skeleton Coast of Namibia, the highest mountains of Spain, the badlands of Argentina, and the islands off the coast of North Carolina. Each region has its own specialty, such as aeonium forests, Welwitschia rivers, creeping cacti, wild flower meadows, and the world’s largest quiver tree forest (Aloidendron dichotomum aka Aloe dichotoma). This visual smorgasbord is a talk not to be missed. 

Peter will bring a variety of plants for sale.

Note that the February meeting will be ending early due to the Super Bowl

The meeting will be held in the Meeting Hall


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