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Wendy Soneson - Watercolor of Succulents

Cacti and succulents come in such a wide variety of shapes and colors and have such amazing flowers, that I’m sure many of you have taken photographs of your plants. But have you ever considered stepping it up a level and painting pictures of them instead? Would you like to know how to get started?

Wendy Soneson has been teaching watercolor for 40 years in Boston and recently moved to the Bay Area. She teaches classes at several locations including the Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek, where the focus is succulents and cacti. She had demonstrated the art in major museums and has shown her work in several places in the Bay Area. The luminosity of watercolor is masterful in depicting nature, and Wendy hopes many will be inspired to try this delicate medium in the future. She has a Masters degree in the Arts in Human Development from Lesley University.

More information about Wendy and her work can be found here:

Cactus:         Advanced • Novice  
Ariocarpus and Astrophytum
Succulents:         Advanced • Novice  
Succulent Bulbs
Something Special:         Advanced • Novice  
Echeverias – perfect for watercolors (or your choice)
Beginners' Luck:         Novice Only  
Plant Outside the Pot (non-traditional or novelty plantings)

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