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Succulent Adventures in Southern Namibia

Namibia is a country of exquisite beauty with fascinating, expansive landscapes and enthralling succulents, including many caudex forming plants. Peter Beiersdorfer's talk will describe the sights and experiences during a three-week, self-guided trip to southern Namibia. He will show plants photographed in habitat and hardly seen in presentations, such as Othonna furcata, Pelargonium crassicaule, Avonia papyraceae, Cyphostemma bainsii, Adenia penchuelli, and Laryleachia cactiformis. Spectacular wind-swept dunes in the Namib desert are host to the rare Monsonia ignorata and Euphorbia namibensis, while baobab-like Moringa ovalifolia and Aloidendron dichotoma dot the mountains. The fog-swept coastal areas feature lava outcrops that are home to Psammophora modesta, and huge lichen fields. †Not to forget the amazing and wonderful Welwitschia mirabilis, some up to 1500 years old!†

This is Peter's seventh trip to southern Africa. He has grown cacti since moving to Livermore 25 years ago. His passion for South African succulents started during his first visit to the area in 2003. He is a recurrent speaker at the cactus and succulents clubs in northern California and a participant and contributor to their shows and sales.

Peter will bring some of his plants for sale.

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The meeting will be held in the Meeting Hall


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