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How You Can Help The Club In Various Roles

This meeting is about a push to get more members involved in keeping the club vibrant and alive. Many of the mainstays of the club are getting to the age where we have to contemplate how we will be replaced, when we can no longer fulfill our commitments to the club. (This includes your newsletter editor.) I do not mean to be morbid. What I want is to see the club remain strong and continue to attract and serve new members. For this to happen, more members need to be engaged in guiding and supporting roles.

Read the Prez Sez article and the reprint of the Volunteer Opportunities article in this issue.

Cactus:         Advanced • Novice  
Succulents:         Advanced • Novice  
Winter grower/Summer dormant
Something Special:         Advanced • Novice  
Favorite cactus or succulent including bulbous species (or your choice)
Beginners' Luck:         Novice Only  
Your choice

The meeting will be held in the Meeting Hall


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