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Gardening With Native Plants and Succulents

Rebecca Schoenenberger will discuss drought tolerant landscaping utilizing cacti, succulents and native plants. She’ll review garden design principles, and will discuss how to best incorporate cacti/succulents into your own gardens. Rebecca will be bringing some California native plants and succulents for sale at the meeting.

Rebecca Schoenenberger is the owner, designer and builder of California Nativescapes. Her educational background includes an Associate of Science in Park Management, and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies. She also has several years of experience in landscape design and maintenance, based on nature. She has an extensive knowledge of native plants, including which plants will thrive in which locations. Since 2011, Rebecca has been a volunteer Santa Clara County Master Gardener, and continues to improve her understanding of edible landscaping, using ecologically sound methods.

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Cactus originating from Mexico
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Bulbous succulent plant
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What did you do with you new plant(s) from the Fall Show and Sale? (or your choice)
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Crassula plant

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