Attending: Alex Morgan, Bill Kurtz, Joel Parker, Sandy Carter, Sonia Dyer, Kathi Cambiano, Roger Lane

Meeting convened at 10:40AM.

Sandy distributed a spreadsheet showing the current list of members and their dues status. People are dropped off the list if inactive for two years. The roster will be updated in March from this list. Sandy to send PDF copy to Kathi. There was discussion about whether to put the roster on the club web site and to send it out in electronic form. Sandy will discuss the subject with Rich K.

There was the suggestion that the minutes of the Board of Directors meetings be posted on the public section of the club web site, minus any financial or other sensitive information. Subject to be given further consideration.

Roger handed out the January Treasurer Report. Expenses from Holiday Extravaganza are not 100% in.

Regarding the December auction there was discussion of the need to speed up the sales payment process at the end. If someone wants to buy a plant outright and not sit through the auction, they should be able to go ahead and write out a check or pay cash and leave. Perhaps the club could absorb the sales tax so people could tell easily what to write on the check. Subject to be given further consideration.

Regarding the last fall sale, Bill K says the school has not submitted the bill yet for the custodian charges so we still haven't closed the books on the sale.

Bill K has booked Harry's Hoffbrau for Sat Dec 7, 2013, and Roger will send a check for $300 to their Redwood City location.

Mini-Show: Kathi C needs a helper to tally the points since Joseph will no longer be attending the meetings. Alex and Joel volunteered. There will be no mini-show in February due to the Super Bowl.

There was discussion of having Joel will investigate the possibility of moving our meetings to the second Sunday of the month due to the parking problem and frequent occurrence of holidays that occur the first week of the month. If the facility is already booked up by some other group on the second Sunday, that would quash the idea. Some felt it might be best to leave it on the first Sunday since that's people's current mindset. Subject to be discussed further.

Bill K says that the multipurpose room at Peterson is not available for our spring sale and it's still not clear whether Buchser will be available or on what dates. Bill will continue to pursue with Buchser once school resumes this coming week. Kathi reminded us that Joseph had previously suggested that Independence High School might be an alternative. Bill will also check with Willcox and Cabrillo schools regarding availability.

Alex suggested that for this year we have first, second and third place total minishow points in each of the Advanced and the Novice categories in lieu of lumping both categories together. MSP to do that and also to drop the Open Category. The change will require purchase of 3 additional pots for next December's Holiday Extravaganza.

New Business:
Roger is our Librarian and will be bringing some books to each meeting. He expects to have the inventory ready by March. We agreed this would be a good thing to put on the club web site.

Roger says Linda Waters hadn't done any further planning for the Lotus Land trip yet. She had mentioned the possibility of a March timeframe and we unanimously agreed that was too early. We think April/May is more realistic. Roger will get with Linda to get the ball rolling.

Mtg adjourned at 11:50AM.