Feb 3, 2013 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attending: Bill Kurtz, Roger Lane, Kathi Cambiano, Peter Beiersdorfer, Jaan Lepson, Joel Parker, Loyd Monaco, Sonia Dyer, Joseph Hidalgo

Called to order at 10:35AM.

Sonia circulated web site's list of Officers and Committee Chairs to be updated by markup, and will forward changes to Rich Kroll.

Kathi circulated the new minishow list for review.

Sonia read minutes of last meeting, and they were approved as read. We agreed future minutes will include treasury total but not personnel issues. In future people will be sent a URL to the board meeting minutes section of our web site once the latest minutes have been posted by Rich Kroll.

Bill has booked the third weekend of April, April 20-21 at Buchser. for the spring show.

Bill has booked Don Cravaljo has been booked as speaker for Mar 3. He is working on Brian Kemble for May speaker. We agreed on May 12 as date for May meeting due to Cinco de Mayo. July meeting will be the 7th. Sept meeting will be the 8th. Harry's Hoffbrau has been booked for Dec 7.

We MSP that there will be no club meeting in April due to the show.

Roger says trip to Lotus Land is tentatively planned for weekend of May 12. We may have to deal with a schedule conflict.

Loyd motioned that Roger and team be allow to arrange for tables for show as they see fit, not to exceed $800. MSP

Discussion of show flyers. we'll stick with the same amount of flyers and post cards, leftover postcards to be handed out to customers at the sale.

Tony orders the post cards and gets them printed. We need to find out who's going to do the post card labels Roger offered to do and Loyd will request the list from Linda Delgado if she doesn't want to do it any more.

Roger proposed adding a new plant category for Aloe hybrids for the next show. We agreed.

Roger suggested that vendor letter be amended to discuss the requirement that bar codes are already on the plants when they're brought to the show. Sonia read out two further proposed changes and all the proposed changes were agreed to. Sonia will send suggested wording for the proposed changes to the sales team for use as appropriate.

Club treasury balance as reported by Roger is $21,899.67, and open items from last month re the Holiday Extravaganza and Buchser custodian expenses have been closed.

Joel reviewed his discussion with the park staff re the boy scouts. The park staff said we should file a formal complaint. Joel will file a verbal complaint.

Adjourned at 11:45.