Mar 3, 2013 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attending: Bill Kurtz, Roger Lane, Kathi Cambiano, Joel Parker, Loyd Monaco, Sonia Dyer, Linda Delgado, Sandy Carter, Alex Morgan

Called to order at 10:45AM

Sonia read minutes of last meeting, and they were approved as read.

Sonia and Rich Kroll have updated our web site's list of Officers and Committee Chairs.

Loyd and Alex suggested we get a case for our projector and Alex requests approval to purchase one not to exceed $75. MSP to proceed.

Roger has no formal Treasurer's report but reported minor expenses incurred since last meeting.

Roger has a complete list of Madagascar aloes. Anything not on the list will be considered a “non-Madagascar aloe”.

Roger reports that the Lotus Land trip is the weekend of May 11-12. (Our May meeting and Mother's Day are also on May 12th.) The bus will probably take off from where the Monterey society meets, 5:45-6AM, VFW Hall on Freedom Valley Rd. We should allow an hour to get to the bus departure point and should form carpools. Bus capacity is 53 people. Tour starts at 10AM. Then lunch. Then go to a nursery, then to the motel. Monterey Club proposes that our club pay for 50% of the bus cost as a subsidy for the members. Linda Waters doesn't have the bus cost yet. People would still have to pay $55-60 per ticket (including $30 per person admission to Lotus Land), plus meals and room and tip for the bus driver. Roger is guessing $110-115 for hotel room group rate. MSP that the club agree to pick up 50% of the cost of the bus. Roger to collect contact information for interested persons for coordination.

Bill says Ted Kipping, Brian Kemble, Jean Sussley, and Cecelia Pelicone will be judges at our show. Bill will be making a call for clerks at today's meeting.

Bill has signed us up with Prusch Park for the meetings in the second half of the year. They didn't accept a check from him because they are creating a new rate structure based on cost per hour on the line of $45/hr, perhaps with some kind of discount for recurring meetings. Sounds like our rental rate may be going up, or we might be grandfathered in.

Membership report by Sandy: 161. Several are new members. Sandy will work with Rich Kroll to add a paragraph to our monthly newsletter welcoming the new members.

Discussion of old topic of having members putting photos on the club web site. General feeling was it should be non-competitive. Tabled again for now.

Rich Kroll has suggested that it's time to update the club constitution and bylaws to match how the club is really run. Sonia asked who would be interested in working on a committee on it. Loyd said Sonia and Rich should lead it and that he would be a member of it. Loyd will also make an announcement during the regular meeting to see if any of the other members would be interested in participating.

Regarding the Boy Scout situation, Joel filed a verbal complaint with the part and was told that we should have additional club members lodge verbal complaints.

Show flyers were handed our and postcards were labeled and stamped.

Adjourned at noon.