June 2, 2013 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attending: Bill Kurtz, Roger Lane, Kathi Cambiano, Joel Parker, Sonia Dyer, Alex Morgan

Called to order at 10:45AM.

Roger handed out the Treasurer's report covering the last show, and the Lotusland trip.

Lengthy discussion of likely dissolution of NorCal and disposition of their cash registers. NorCal will send out a letter to the clubs if they decide to dissolve. Either way our cash register rental fees will go up by some amount. If they dissolve, it would have to be determined which club gets responsibility for the registers, and possibly each club would have to have its own expert on the cash registers.

Bill talked to the principal secretary at Buchser on Friday, and they still don't know when their meeting room will be demolished, but that it would NOT be available for our fall show, and might take 2 years for the reconstruction to be complete. Bill hasn't talked to Peterson again yet, but rumor has it that their facility upgrade is going well. Bill plans to contact Peterson tomorrow and will let us know what he finds out.

Program Schedule: July 7 Country Store, Aug 4 Naomi Bloss, Sept 8 open, Nov 3 open, Dec 7 party.

Next show the judges need to be told in advance whether they will be judging cactus or succulents so there's no contention or confusion when they arrive.

Alex has bought a case and hand cart for our projector.

Sonia to send a sympathy card from CSS-SJ to Kathy Hendig's husband Nick and family.

Bill will meet with Prusch Park officials on Tuesday to discuss open issues, including possible price changes for our meeting room rental.

Kathi expressed dismay that the May meeting was canceled, as she had been promoting it heavily to new members at the spring show and sale.

Adjourned at 12:05.