July 7, 2013 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attending: Bill Kurtz, Roger Lane, Kathi Cambiano, Joel Parker, Sonia Dyer, Alex Morgan, Loyd Monaco

Called to order at 10:45AM

Minutes of the last meeting were approved as published.

Roger handed out the Treasurer's report. Accepted as presented.

It currently appears that John Bloss will handle the cash registers through the end of the year, per Naomi.

Discussion of possibly having a joint field trip next spring to UC-Davis.

Per Bill we still haven't received the Buchser custodian bill ($320) from the spring show. We still haven't given our donation to the school. Last time we gave them 10%, split 60/40 between the science dept and the art dept. School staff is currently on vacation, and this topic will be revisited at the August meeting.

Alex has acquired a first aid kit for the club and will keep track of it.

The SF club had a record setting show, possibly due to their advertising on a KCBS radio gardening program. Perhaps we can get some more advertising ideas from their PR department for our next show. Kathi will investigate.

The next show and sale will be at Peterson. Joel mentioned there was a problem last time finding a custodian to unlock the chain link gate between the parking lot and the entrance, so we need to make sure that we have the custodian contact information. Kathi mentioned that she'd like us to get another sign or two to direct street traffic to the school. The show & sale will be Oct 4-6. Loyd proposes that we have Tony Bassano be given the go-ahead to make the fliers and post cards as soon as the dates are officially locked down. This time we will have Kathi's phone number and Roger's return address on them.

The club library is being consolidated at Roger's house. He's putting together a list of the books.

Program Schedule: Aug 4 Naomi Bloss, Sept 8 Trip to Madagascar Walker Young, Nov 3 Trip to Mexico Brian Kemble, Sat. Dec 7 party.

Kathi suggests terrariums as a possible future meeting topic/project.

Bill reports that effective immediately Prusch Park will start charging us $5/hr (5 hrs per meeting), plus a $40 application fee per 6 months. Bill has paid them 6 months worth ($140). The dates must be reserved soon for the next six mo cycle. We agreed on the following meeting dates: Jan 5, Feb 2, Mar 2, May 11, June 1, 2014.

Donation in Frank Bloss' memory. Loyd to broach with Naomi.

Adjourned at 12:00 noon.