Aug 4, 2013 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attending: Bill Kurtz, Roger Lane, Kathi Cambiano, Joel Parker, Sonia Dyer, Alex Morgan, Loyd Monaco

Called to order at 10:45AM

Minutes of the last meeting were approved as published.

We are fine with cash registers until the end of the year. Norcal, in conjunction with the cash registers, also has been managing the bar code listings and paying to have the non-profit's income tax done.

Bill has been discussing the fall show dates with the secretary of Peterson, as Jaan and Peter are unavailable on the dates we had targeted. The man who controls the schedule is out until Aug 19th.

Per Bill we still haven't received the Buchser custodian bill ($320) from the spring show. We still haven't given our donation to the school. Last time we gave them 10%, split 60/40 between the science dept. and the art dept. School staff is currently on vacation, and this topic will be revisited at the September meeting.

Tony Bassano will be given the go-ahead to make the fliers and post cards for the next sale as soon as the dates are officially locked down. This time we will have Kathi's cell phone number (NOT her home phone number) and Roger's return address on them. Loyd says we will use a couple of sandwich boards to help direct traffic to the next show and sale. They will be lockable.

With respect to future Shows, all art objects (photos, allied arts) must feature cactus or succulents as the primary subject.

For PR, Kathi has been investigating how people found out about our last show. The top survey responses were the Mercury News, and the Internet.

Discussion of having a field trip next spring to UC-Davis. Roger will discuss possible dates for next spring, before the weather gets hot, with Earnesto Sandoval. The Monterey Bay Club would be invited to join us.

The club library is being consolidated at Roger's house this month. He will have a list of the books next month.

Program Schedule: Sept 8 Trip to Madagascar Walker Young, Nov 3 Trip to Mexico Brian Kemble, Sat. Dec 7 party. We need to let speakers know to tell us whether or not they will be bringing plants for sale, so we can arrange for enough tables.

Donation in Frank Bloss' memory. Loyd to broach with Naomi.

Loyd would like the club to have team tee shirts, especially to identify club members to patrons at sales (not starting with the fall sale). Kathi and Sandy Carter have a computer file of the club logo. Kathi will send a copy to Loyd for follow-up. Alex suggests we have caps also.

Adjourned at 11:45AM.