Nov 3, 2013 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attending: Bill Kurtz, Roger Lane, Kathi Cambiano, Joel Parker, Sonia Dyer, Loyd Monaco, Bill Muncasy, Alex Morgan

Called to order at 10:40AM

Minutes of the last meeting were approved as published.

Roger passed out the Treasurer's Report.

April 5 & 6 is our target date for the spring show at Peterson. Bill K to coordinate.

Bill K reports that for the first 6 months of 2014 we will be put by Prusch in the Meeting Hall building (the one with the kitchen). Joel was approached by a boy scout leader this morning asking how do they rent the multicultural room.

Per Bill we still haven't received the Buchser custodian bill ($320) from the spring show.

Bill has received a bill from Peterson for the fall show ($400 for custodians and $500 for room rental), so we owe the Santa Clara Unified School Dist $900. Roger gave Bill a check to give them.

Discussion of having a field trip next spring to UC-Davis. Roger will discuss possible dates for next spring, before the weather gets hot, with Earnesto Sandoval. The Monterey Bay Club would be invited to join us. Loyd will get in touch with Earnesto to give him a heads up and make sure it's ok with him.

Program Schedule: Nov 3 Trip to Mexico Brian Kemble, Sat. Dec 7 party. We need to book speakers/activities for next year. We'll probably have in January Russell Wagner on Aeoniums of the Canary Islands. Kathi suggests a hypertufa demo in the warmer months. Carl Fredricks is a possibility. Loyd suggests a program on dealing with pests. Feb meeting is usually short because of the Super Bowl. Sonia suggests having Kim Manfredi give another session on pottery making. Loyd will contact her. For the Holiday function plant exchange, Loyd proposes we put the donor's name on a tag for each plant to move things along more quickly.

Minishow Kathi reports some items were missing from after the last minishow when she had to leave early (signs, beginner's luck entries,etc). Loyd to doublecheck. Kathi needs a partner to help her with the minishow and cover occasions when she can't be there. There was agreement that we need more member-participation in general instead of having the same set of 6 or 7 people trying to do everything and ending up burned out.

Donation in Frank Bloss' memory. Loyd broached with Naomi. Naomi's family is looking into getting a bench at the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum, that we might contribute to. Naomi to get back with Loyd.

Loyd would like the club to have team tee shirts and caps. Kathi and Sandy Carter have a computer file of the club logo. Kathi will send a copy to Loyd for follow up.

Show and sale. Roger volunteered to put together a checklist of things that have to get done to have a successful show. We will then review/discuss/expand and think of which members would be appropriate to approach about taking ownership. Loyd expressed frustration about getting a printable copy of the postcard mailing list from the previous holder. Multiple copies should be held (at least by the secretary and president) of critical documents in a readable format like .doc. MSP. Bill M recommends that vendors be given a 75/25 split, due to the lack of assistance from club membership in unloading and loading plants and rising costs. Loyd would like to call a special board meeting soon to just discuss the show issues and we agreed that this will be a good idea. Loyd to coordinate.

A motion was made to have all organization records in the possession of the secretary and president. The motion was seconded and passed.

Adjourned at 11:55AM.