Jan 5, 2014 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attending: Bill Kurtz, Roger Lane, Kathi Cambiano, Joel Parker, Sonia Dyer, Loyd Monaco, Alex Morgan

Called to order at 10:55AM.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved as published.

There's no Treasurer's Report this month. It will be presented next month.

Roger to send out a revised show and sale checklist per the inputs he received at the meeting at Sonia's house.

Per Bill we still haven't received the Buchser custodian bill ($320) from the spring show.

Sale vendor split is currently 70/30. Roger's computer died last year so he doesn't have statistical data he usually would be able to put together for past shows re where our breakeven point is. Roger to contact Naomi to get a feel for the split that other clubs have.

Program Schedule:
We need to book speakers/activities for next year. The February 2 meeting will start at 12 and end at 2 because of the Super Bowl. There will be no minishow in February. We'll have a favorite plant discussion as the program. Loyd suggested that the March show be a presentation by show judges on what they look for when judging the show. Loyd will see if Naomi is available. April 5 & 6 is still the date for the spring show at Peterson.
Discussion of having a field trip next spring to UC-Davis. The Monterey Bay Club would be invited to join us. Roger and Bill to call Earnesto to see if May would work. Depending on how the dates work out, this could be a substitute for our May meeting. If we're going to have a field trip in May, we need to be able to discuss it with the club members by the March meeting.

Future meeting dates: June 1, July 13, Aug 3, Sept 7, Show tentatively Sept 27-28, Nov 2, Party Sat Dec 6.

Since Roger seems to be the only board member who is currently a member of CSSA, we proposed that he would be our affiliate. MSP. Kathi pointed out that CSSA's listing for our contacts is out of date.

Minishow Kathi has created a spreadsheet showing the minishow topics for the coming year.

Donation in Frank Bloss' memory. Loyd broached with Naomi. Naomi's family is looking into getting a bench at the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum, that we might contribute to. Naomi to get back with Loyd. Loyd talked to Naomi at the Christmas party and she still didn't have more info. Loyd to get back with her.

Loyd would like the club to have team tee shirts and caps. Kathi and Sandy Carter have a computer file of the club logo. Kathi will send a copy to Loyd for followup.

Kathi discussed show signage, including a draft of the new sign for the Plant Hotel.

Roger will buy "Aloes of Madagascar" for $150, previously approved, for the club library.

Adjourned at 11:55AM.