Jun 1, 2014 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attending: Bill Kurtz, Kathi Cambiano, Sonia Dyer, Roger Lane, Alex Morgan, Joel Parker

Called to order at 10:50AM

Last meeting's minutes were read, thanks to Kathi and her IPad.

With respect to Mini-Show novice vs advanced requirements, Kathi will publish a reminder in the newsletter that after 5 years in the club an exhibitor must move up to the advanced category. People are expected to self-monitor themselves in this regard.

Roger reviewed the treasurer's report. Our balance is very healthy.

Roger reports that the Monterey Club gives its vendors a 75/25% split, the same as Bill Munckasy had recently requested. Roger proposed that due to our healthy account balance, we change our split from 70/30 to 75/25. It was moved/seconded/passed.

Roger recommended that the club donate $1000 to the UC-Santa Cruz Arboretum. It was moved/seconded/passed.

The bus trip to UC-Davis was reviewed. Everyone who went enjoyed the trip, but the level of participation by club members was very disappointing. Sonia to email trip attendees to ask them for photos for the club web site and the newsletter.

The question was raised whether we should have a fixed day of the month for publication of the club newsletter, even though our actual meeting date varies considerably. There are several pros and cons that have to be taken into account. Further discussion was deferred to the next meeting.

2015 planned meeting dates so far: Jan 4, Feb 1, Mar 1, show at Peterson either Mar 28-29 or Apr 11-12, May 10, Jun 7, Jul 12, Aug 2. Bill K to get with Jan and Peter about the show date. Several members of the board prefer the April date.

A new member recently joined via our web site, and reported that two weeks later she had not received any kind of acknowledgement of her application and her check had not been cashed. It was generally agreed that we need more clarity on what the process is when someone joins via the web site, and we need to have a committee to address ways to make new members feel welcome, such as by some kind of Welcome Package.

Terri Koike did an excellent job providing the refreshments on the recent bus trip, and at meetings in general. We need to ask her if she needs help, so she doesn't end up burned out.

Old Business:
Bill K had reported that San Jose State has some cacti that they would appreciate help identifying. Loyd will stop by and visit them to get an overview of what they've got. Possibly we could put together a set of 3 or 4 people to go over there together. Need update from Loyd.

Donation in Frank Bloss' memory. Loyd broached with Naomi. Naomi's family is looking into getting a bench at the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum, that we might contribute to. Naomi to get back with Loyd. Loyd talked to Naomi at the Christmas party and she still didn't have more info. Loyd to get back with her. Roger to ask her.

Loyd would like the club to have team tee shirts and caps. Kathi and Sandy Carter have a computer file of the club logo. Kathi has sent a copy to Loyd for followup.

Adjourned at noon.