Jan 4, 2015 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attending: Bill Kurtz, Kathi Cambiano, Sonia Dyer, Linda Delgado, Loyd Monico, Joel Parker, Roger Lane

Called to order at 11AM

We have been given two options for the new club President by nature of the volunteering of past Presidents to take on the job. One is Bill Muncascy and the other is Linda Delgado. There was a great deal of discussion of the pros and cons of each candidate. [Later in the day Acting President Loyd called for an online vote.]

The board needs to find ways to be more aggressive in getting new board members, such as by having backups for the key positions.

Future meeting dates: July 12, Aug 2, Sept 13, Fall Show possibly Oct 4th weekend, Nov 1, Dec 5 (party). Roger has already paid Harry's Hofbrau for our Dec 5 party reservation.

Next month's meeting is SuperBowl weekend, so the meeting will end early at 2PM.

Steve McCabe will probably be the speaker for March. Loyd will close the loop with him.

Roger Lane has created a catalog of the club library books in .doc form. It would be great to get this put up on the club web site.

Old Business:

Loyd has a thumb drive of addresses, shared with Roger. Alex remineded us that we agreed in the past that the Secretary should have the official copy of all club records.

A club member has suggested to Loyd that we do a better job identifyingwhich of the two Prusch meeting rooms we will be in. This is decided by the Park, and sometimes changes with short notice. Kathi has a picture of each building and we agreed we could put a copy of the picture of whichever room we expect to probably be in in the newsletter.

Three of the Prusch folding tables are defective. Kathi suggests we buy new tables for the park. We agreed this would be a good idea. We don't know what the tables will cost but are expecting $200+ each. Kathi will investigate the cost of the tables. Bill K will broach the subject with the park to make sure they think this is a good idea.

There was a discussion of Rich Kroll's email suggesting a plant/disease contest, as he is getting about one request per month as webmaster. Having it be a contest was generally vetoed in the previous meeting. There was further discussion -- the newsletter seems an inappropriate venue. A presentation at our general meeting wouldn't reach random members of the public that are asking the questions. Kathi suggests we possibly refer questions aboout diseases to the Master Gardeners, and we possibly could also invite them to give a presentation to the club. She will investigate their hotline numbers. Also we could provide links to other sites that are good for plant identification. - Kathi has gotten the contacts to give to Rich.

The spring show will be April 11-12, 2015 at Peterson. Bill K will mark up a copy of the Procedures document for show dealings with Buchser, so that it's apppropriate for Peterson and give it to Sonia to put on the web site.

For April 2015, the show being in mid-April, we won't have a regular club meeting, but Loyd wants to have a show co-ordination meeting at that time instead.

The question was raised whether we should have a fixed day of the month for publication of the club newsletter, even though our actual meeting date varies considerably. We have agreed that having a fixed time is preferable, such as the last weekend of the month. Loyd will discuss with Rich Kroll.

We need people to be responsible for tear-down and clean-up after the regular club meeting. Alex suggested that the same alphabetical rotation that brings refreshments should also be asked to clean up the room after that day's meeting. We agreed that was a good idea. We need to put something about this in the club newsletter.

Bill K had reported that San Jose State has some cacti that they would appreciate help identifying. Loyd will stop by and visit them to get an overview of what they've got. Possibly we could put together a set of 3 or 4 people to go over there together. Need update from Loyd.

Loyd would like the club to have team tee shirts and caps. Kathi and Sandy Carter have a computer file of the club logo. Kathi has sent a copy to Loyd for followup.

A new member recently joined via our web site, and reported that two weeks later she had not received any kind of acknowledgement of her application and her check had not been cashed. It was generally agreed that we need more clarity on what the process is when someone joins via the web site, and we need to have a committee to address ways to make new members feel welcome, such as by some kind of Welcome Package. Sandy Carter reports by email that we now have 167 members, and that she will be putting together a membership process for the Board to review.

Adjourned at 12:05PM.