Mar 1, 2015 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attending: Bill Kurtz, Kathi Cambiano, Sonia Dyer, Linda Delgado, Joel Parker, Roger Lane, Bill Gingris, Loyd Monaco

Called to order at 10:55 AM

Last month's minutes were accepted as written.

Loyd is working with Rich on the newsletter. Loyd would like to have the newsletter come out on the last full weekend of the month, regardless of when the next meeting is. Linda would like Rich to send out an email reminder on those months when the meeting is on the second week of the month. Currently 55 people get hard copy of the newsletter but can change to the email version by giving Loyd their email address. Loyd will announce this during the general meeting.

Loyd is having Rich put the show forms on the website for the use of those who wish to fill out the form ahead of time instead of waiting until show setup time. Roger would like us to also have printed-out forms available at the last general meeting before a show, for those who don't want to have to find a few sheets of the right colored paper.

Kathi had previously suggested considering moving all future meetings to the second Sunday of the month starting in 2015. We will take a closer look at the schedule possibilities in the next meeting after the show.

Bill K reports that Sept's meeting is scheduled for the 13th, due to the 7th being Labor Day. The fall show is planned for Oct 2-4. This has been cleared with Peter and Jaan, but not with the school yet. Roger has arranged for the insurance.

Roger had no updated Treasurer's Report as little has changed.

Kathi suggests that at the sale we let customers opt to get their coupon by email instead of by mail. There was some concern that people might print out multiple copies of the coupon.

Roger would like the mini-show categories for a given month to reflect the topic of that month's speaker. We already have the flexibility to informally do this through "Something Special". If the speaker's topic is made known far enough in advance to Therese McQuillen, she can opt to make one of the categories of the minishow match the speaker's topic before the newsletter goes out.

Loyd and Bill gave an update on planning the show and sale - table covers, pots for winners, show bucks. Roger reviewed some of the items on our existing show checklist, and all items have been handled.

Old Business:

A club member has suggested to Loyd that we do a better job identifyingwhich of the two Prusch meeting rooms we will be in. This is decided by the Park, and sometimes changes with short notice. Kathi has a picture of each building and we agreed we could put a copy of the picture of whichever room we expect to probably be in in the newsletter. Loyd to discuss with Rich.

Three of the Prusch folding tables are defective. Kathi suggests we buy new tables for the park. We agreed this would be a good idea. We don't know what the tables will cost but are expecting $200+ each. Kathi will investigate the cost of the tables. Bill K will broach the subject with the park to make sure they think this is a good idea.

There was a discussion of Rich Kroll's email suggesting a plant/disease contest, as he is getting about one request per month as webmaster. Having it be a contest was generally vetoed in the previous meeting. There was further discussion -- the newsletter seems an inappropriate venue. A presentation at our general meeting wouldn't reach random members of the public that are asking the questions. Kathi suggests we possibly refer questions aboout diseases to the Master Gardeners, and we possibly could also invite them to give a presentation to the club. She will investigate their hotline numbers. Also we could provide links to other sites that are good for plant identification. - Kathi has gotten the contacts to give to Rich. Loyd will discuss with Rich.

Bill K will mark up a copy of the Procedures document for show dealings with Buchser, so that it's apppropriate for Peterson and give it to Sonia to put on the web site.

A new member recently joined via our web site, and reported that two weeks later she had not received any kind of acknowledgement of her application and her check had not been cashed. It was generally agreed that we need more clarity on what the process is when someone joins via the web site, and we need to have a committee to address ways to make new members feel welcome, such as by some kind of Welcome Package. Sandy Carter reports by email that we now have 167 members, and that she will be putting together a membership process for the Board to review.

Adjourned at 11:50 AM.