June 7, 2015 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attending: Bill Kurtz, Sonia Dyer, Linda Delgado, Loyd Monaco Called to order at 10:55 AM

Linda has some pots that can be given to the people who helped Kathi, but Kathi doesn't want them given out just yet since she couldn't be here today.

Bill K says that Peter and Jaan have oked Oct 3 & 4 for the fall show and sale; Bill has us signed up with Peterson for that weekend. Bill went over to Peterson on Friday to see what's available in early April of 2016 for the spring show, but there was no one in the office.

We are looking at July for the Country Store, unless a field trip is set up to Bancroft Gardens. It's possible we could have a field trip to UC Santa Cruz this summer and save Bancroft til next spring.

Bill K will find and review the existing process document for reserving space for the show, to apply to our use of Peterson for the show.

Loyd is starting to look into who to get tabletop plants fromfor the Holiday Pparty.

Loyd suggests that we consider sometimes having a judged show at the fall show instead of always doing in in the spring, so we get a different range of plants for judging. He will discuss this idea with the major growers to get their reaction.

Rich Kroll has published a request for help removing a 100 lb ferocactus in the newsletter. We need to put together a work party. We will ask attendees to talk to either Sonia or Loyd about joining in.

Loyd is looking into doing a program on succulent wreaths from Naomi or succulent boxes from the Stubblefields. He is looking into other presentations that can be done at the show and sale other than repotting.

Sandy Carter reports by email that we now have 152 members.

Old Business:

Kathi suggests we consider getting a storage locker for the show's rolls of paper, boxes of forms and ribbons, etc. Right now the stuff is scattered amongst the garages of various members. Loyd will put an article in the newsletter and on the website asking if any members have room, and if no one volunteers then investigate the storage locker idea.

Loyd is working with Rich on the newsletter. Loyd would like to have the newsletter come out on the last full weekend of the month, regardless of when the next meeting is. Linda would like Rich to send out an email reminder on those months when the meeting is on the second week of the month. Currently 55 people get hard copy of the newsletter but can change to the email version by giving Loyd their email address. Loyd will announce this during the general meeting.

Kathi had previously suggested considering moving all future meetings to the second Sunday of the month starting in 2015. We will take a closer look at the schedule possibilities in the next meeting after the show.

Adjourned at 11:45 AM.