Aug 16, 2015 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attending: Bill Kurtz, Sonia Dyer, Linda Delgado, Loyd Monaco, Kathi Cambiano, Roger Lane Called to order at 10:55 AM

Bill has the meeting dates for the next 6 mo of the club meetings, plus April 1, 2, & 3 for the spring show:
    Jan 3, Feb 7, Mar 6, April 1/2/3, May 8 (field trip?), June 5.

Sonia gave Bill a copy of the 5-yr-old procedure on setting up the venue for the show and sale, for him to mark up with respect to our dealings with Peterson.

Loyd says he can no longer handle working on the newsletter. Most of the last batch of newsletters came back because they have staples in it. Kathi will ask the post office about it.

Bancroft Gardens is collecting challenge-grant donations for a new visitor's center. Kathi suggested we make a donation. MSP that we donate $1000.

Roger has sent our show announcement to CSSA for publication.

Kathi had previously suggested we consider getting a storage locker for the show's rolls of paper, boxes of forms and ribbons, etc. Right now the stuff is scattered amongst the garages of various members. Loyd will put together an inventory of what show stuff we've got and who currently has it.

Adjourned at 11:50 AM.