Nov 1, 2015 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attending: Sonia Dyer, Linda Delgado, Loyd Monico, Roger Lane, Joel Parker Called to order at 11:05 AM

Roger has noticed an inconsistency in how much we have been paying speakers who are members - sometimes we've paid $50 and sometimes $100. We agreed to pay $150 to all, whether members or not. MSP.

Per Loyd, spring show is confirmed to be Fri Apr 1 thru Apr 3 at Peterson. Roger has already sent those dates to CSS Journal. Dec 5 is holiday party at Harry's Hoffbrau. We will limit the number of plants people can purchase there to 3. Roger and Loyd will pick up plants from Elton and Naomi. Loyd will confirm with Bill Munckasy whether he will run the auction.

Loyd proposes getting special-recognition gifts for Terri Koike and for her husband for all the work they do on the refreshments and BBQ at shows etc. MSP.

Per Loyd, Jan 3 mtg's speaker is still open and might be Steve McCabe.
Feb 7 mtg will be Gregg DeChirco on tillansias.
Mar 6, Naomi Bloss on staging.
May 8, Tom Vincze on Madagascar. Or possible field trip to Huntington Gardens.
Jun 5, Ellen Stubblefield on windowboxes.
Jul or Aug or Sept , Naomi on wreaths.

Loyd is working with Naomi on a possible field trip to Huntington Gardens in S. Calif. and some other nurseries along the way.

Roger reviewed the Treasurer's Report. Show sales were down about $1000 from previous fall. Business on Sunday was slow. He has made our previously approved donation to Bancroft Gardens.

Sonia has put an announcement in the newsletter that the hardcopy version is going away at the end of the year, except for those without internet access.

Sonia has given Bill K another copy of the 5-yr-old procedure on setting up the venue for the show and sale, for him to mark up with respect to our dealings with Peterson.

Kathi had previously suggested we consider getting a storage locker for the show's rolls of paper, boxes of forms and ribbons, etc. Right now the stuff is scattered amongst the garages of various members. Loyd will put together an inventory of what show stuff we've got and who currently has it.

Adjourned at 12:05 PM.