January 3, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attending: Linda Delgado, Bill Kurtz, Joel Parker, Roger Lane & Loyd Monico
      Terri Koike joined us

Meeting called to order @ 11:15

Linda shared two concerns that were brought to her from the annual holiday event:
  • Several people were confused with the rules for the auction. Maybe we could have them in the Courier the month of the event and have someone read/review the information before the auction.
  • Some of the auction plants were not rooted and did not have this noted on the auction slip

Roger will go to Harry’s in the next week and book December 3, 2016 for the event this year. He also brought 6 new books for the club and shared/showed them at the meeting. He asked for ideas on additional books. He has completed a new listing of the books and feels that it may be risky to list them on our Web site. He feels that someone may join the club just to get the books and then disappear. Linda suggested that the club have the pricy/hard to come by books as reference only for review at the meeting only.

Bill K will be booking the second half of 2016 with Emma Prusch Memorial Park and went over the dates with us all. He will work with Loyd on finally the dates and speakers.

Joel asked if you are going to meet on February 7th (Super Bowl Sunday) We are, but we will have a short meeting with Gregg DeChiro and no mini show. Joel also wanted to remind the club about the freezing weather and how to keep from losing plants.

Loyd went over the schedule for February through June. He is also working with Naomi Bloss about a possible overnight trip to Huntington Gardens in Pasadena, CA.

Feb 7th: Gregg DeChrio (Tillansias)
Mar 6th: Naomi Bloss (Staging & repotting)
Apr 2 & 3: Show & Sale
May 8th: Tom Viacze (Madagascar)
June 5th: Ellen Stubblefield (Windowboxes)
July 10:
Aug 7th: (Rescheduled to Aug 14th. Ed.)
Sept 4:
Oct 1-2 or 8-9th: Show & Sale
Nov 6th:
Dec 3rd: Holiday Extravaganza

Adjourned @ 12:10: LD