May 8, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attending: Sonia Dyer, Linda Delgado, Loyd Monaco, Kathi Cambiano, Roger Lane, Joel Parker

Called to order at 10:55 AM

Kathi proposes we invite more club members to participate in the Board Meetings as Associate Members. She has in mind Janet and Jacky. She's working on a list of jobs they could handle. She proposes we add 2 more Associate Board Members. MSP

Sonia proposed we add to the newsletter a list of available Volunteer Opportunities. The entries would include the position title and a description of the responsibilities.

Sonia proposed we add a little section to the newsletter welcoming new members, saying their name and what city they come from.

Peter no longer plans to invite to our sales any vendors who are more than 2 years in arrears of their dues. He would like the board to find a way to send advance notice to the vendors that their dues are expiring. Sonia proposes we add a section to the newsletter that the following people's membership expires next month and so-and-so's membership expires in the month after that. The Board agrees that this would be a good idea and that Sonia can work with Sandy Carter and Rich Kroll toward implementing this.

Sandy Carter has given out the new roster to people who attended the sale. She gave some extras to Sonia to distribute at the meeting.

Roger went over the Treasurer's Report. The spring sale went well. Roger and Loyd both noticed that many of the attendees were younger and they think Social Media was responsible. Bill Munckacy says the extra crowd was due to his posting about the sale on his Facebook page. Kathy has set up a club Facebook account but it's only for club membership to communicate with each other, not for access by the general public.

Loyd proposes that we look for a volunteer or two to handle Social Media for the club. We agreed this was a good idea. Sonia proposes that we seek a volunteer to serve as Club Photographer.

Sonia and Rich Kroll have been continuing to narrow down the mailing list for the hardcopy newsletter to those who truly don't have internet access. There were 59 when we started, and now we're down to 20. We have email addresses for all the other club members.

Loyd hadn't had a chance to work on a possible field trip to Huntington Gardens in S. Calif. with stops at some other nurseries along the way. It is off the table for this year. He will plan on investigating further for next year.

Adjourned at 12:05 PM.