July 10, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attending: Sonia Dyer, Linda Delgado, Bill Kurtz, Kathi Cambiano, Jaan Lepson, Peter Biersdorfer, Joel Parker, Sandy Carter

Called to order at 11:15 AM

Bill Kurtz has some meeting dates for first half of 2017. They are Jan 8, Feb 5 (Superbowl), Mar 5, Mar 31-Apr 2 (Show and Sale), May 7 (Cinco de Mayo?), June 4.

Peter, Jaan, and Sandy came to the board meeting to discuss vendor dues renewal. Peter has a waitlist of new vendors. They're always told to sign up with Sandy first as a club member before even being put on the first-come first-served waitlist. So far none of the vendors on the wait list has followed Peter's advice to sign up with Sandy. Some vendors call only a few days ahead of the show wanting to get in. Other vendors routinely forget to pay. Some vendors go to multiple shows and perhaps can't keep track of which clubs they've kept their membership up to date with.

We agreed that to sell at our sale, the vendors need to have been members of the club for at least 6 months. We agreed that if only one of the people on the wait list has paid up, then they will basically go to the top of the wait list. Changing vendors percentage for not showing plants or not setting up on Friday night, or otherwise not following the rules hasn't worked in the past. We decided that now we will tell them that next time they will be cut a table or two. We will ask Roger to no longer deduct vendors' membership fees from their show proceeds.

Due to the number of vendors, the number of tables routinely assigned to each vendor in good standing may have to be limited to 4 instead of 6.

Per Sandy Membership is now 177 people. Sandy gave Sonia more Rosters to hand out during the meetings. Sandy has been publishing new members' names in the newsletter.

Ashmande Deshpande has volunteered to be the new Spotlight Columnist. The Spotlight Column is a new section for the club newsletter that highlights a particular club member. The first person she will interview is Bill Kurtz.

Loyd did not attend today's meeting, so it is assumed that there are still no speakers lined up for the next 6 months. Linda will follow up with him. Peter says he may be able to give a presentation to the club on one of several topics, if he isn't asked at the last minute.

Adjourned at 12:10 PM.