Sep 4, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attending: Sonia Dyer, Linda Delgado, Bill Kurtz, Kathi Cambiano, Loyd Monico, Roger Lane, Joel Parker, Naomi Bloss

Called to order at 10:55 AM

Sonia got in touch with Naomi to finish the arrangements needed for her Sept 4 presentation on wreathmaking. Sonia brought in 24 wreath-making forms she bought on behalf of the club for use in the club's general meeting today, and Naomi brought in the succulent cuttings and tools.

Bill brought in a box of 1100 postcards for the show. Roger will add addresses and stamps at home. Sonia and Loyd offered to come over to his house and help him.

Loyd says the UC-Santa Cruz Arboretum appears to be back in business. He's investigating to see if we could line up a tour. Sonia has given Loyd Ernesto Sandoval's phone number so he can call him to set up a presentation for November.

Kathi plans to touch base with Claudia today if she's at the general meeting to see how she's coming along with Publicity.

Peter's father has passed away, so he and Jaan are out of town right now. Sonia is circulating a card for the club to send to Peter. They have not indicated that they can't make it to the show and sale. The more we can do to lighten their load, the better.

We didn't use skirting on the show tables last time, and it worked out ok, so we agreed to not try to find skirting this time. Loyd is investigating getting rolls of white paper for the table tops. Kathi has a partial roll and says Terri may be able to get more. Linda has the voting dots and raffle tickets. She will get clear tape and a dispenser for making boxes.

Kathi says Terri needs help with the BBQ on the show weekend. Loyd will get with her.

Sonia has lined up 5 Staging Assistants to help Jaan with show setup.

Roger asked if dates had been finalized for our Spring Show 2017. Apparently not. Roger and Naomi will be going to Namibia in late March/early April. They are hoping the Spring show and sale will be in the second half of April. First full weekend of May is Sacramento. So probably April 22-23 or 29-30. Naomi doesn't know yet when the Monterey Spring show will be. Kathi will ask Peterson School about availability of those weekends. She will let Loyd know, and he will coordinated with Stan of the Monterey Club.

Bill has gone to Peterson and signed the contract for the show and sale. Roger needs a copy of it in order to buy the insurance for the show. Bill will get back to him on that.

Sonia asked Loyd to be the subject of the next Spotlight article in the club newsletter. He agreed. She will have Asmande and Wes call him.

Adjourned at 11:55 AM.