November 6, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attending: Linda Delgado, Joel Parker, Roger Lane & Loyd Monico

Meeting called to order @ 11:30

Joel brought some plants from his collection to share in the raffle. He will be moving to Lincoln soon and will be joining the Sacramento Club.

Loyd shared:

Roger has the treasurer’s report but didn’t bring it to this meeting. He will get it for January 2017.

Linda shared:

Slate of Officers 2017 2018

President – Sonia Dyer
Vice President – Loyd Monaco
Treasurer – Roger Lane
Secretary and Past President– Linda Delgado
Associate – Kathi Cambiano
Associate – Joseph Hidalgo
Associate – Claudia Damiani
Board Member Emeritus – Bill Kurtz

December 2016: Holiday Party

Welcome and thank-yous: Linda
Special thank-yous: Linda & Loyd
Present slate and vote


Mini Show results: Therese and Kathi
Christmas Exchange: Officers & Loyd
Membership renewal raffle: Sandy
Auction: Bill M & Loyd, Jaan & Peter
      (Lisa, Roger & Karla?)
General Membership raffle: Officers
Pay for the plants: Lisa, Roger & Karla?
      Extra plants?
New President: Sonia


Wes & Joyce won’t be at the Holiday event, so they would like to have someone take pictures.

Adjourned @ 12:10