January 8, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attending: Linda Delgado, Kathi Cambiano, Sonia Dyer & Loyd Monico
        Roger Lane came late

Meeting called to order @ 11:10

Linda shared:
Bonsai idea: bring in Keith Kitoi Taylor to show us the techniques (original idea from Kathi)
      Give a voucher to each member of the club for up to $10.00 to buy a plant from our show and sale to be used for preparing a personal bonsai
      Competition for all members at the Fall Show and Sale (S&S)
Linda would like the club to attend the Succulent Gardens Extravaganza at the end of September 2017
She turned over the raffle items & blank name tags to Sonia

Loyd shared:
There are some concerns over Harry’s being un-available for our December event. He will look into other sites
He would like to work with Therese to tie-in the speaker with a portion of the Mini-Show
He would like all members that have an assignment for the S&S to try to attend the Board Meeting the month before the event to make sure that everything is covered
He will work with Tony and Kathi on the flyers for the S&S

Sonia shared:
Information regarding 501 (C-3) See below preliminary list of pros and cons
Sonia would like us to work toward always having three or more speakers/presentations scheduled in advance. Loyd said that he is working toward this goal. He will follow up with an email to the Speaker/Presenter, Board, Rich and Therese.
Sonia would like to have the board meeting from 11:00 to 12:00 on a trial basis

We discussed going on a trip to Santa Cruz: the UCSC Arboretum and possibly a nursery.

Kathi shared:
Schedule for second half of 2017 at Emma Prusch Memorial Park was discussed. She will schedule with Prusch
She is working toward educating members about our Facebook page by Asmita Deshpande

She brought a sign-up list for important positions: Helpers and Backups

Roger shared:
Treasures Report January 2017

Action Items:
Loyd to look into new ribbons for the S&S (Maybe fancy ones)
Sonia to contact Peter and Jaan regarding S&S and 501 (C-3)
      Follow-up with San Francisco and Monterey clubs
      Maybe get help or copies of their paperwork
Sonia, Kathi and Loyd to follow-up Tony B about the flyers

501 (C-3) Filing: Preliminary listing

Tax: City, State & Federal
Thresholds of $ balance
      Amount the club can earn in a year
      Amount the club can have on the books
Internal Audit required?
Do we need a Resale License for the club?
Do we need to be incorporated?
Does it impact our Insurance?
Does this open us up to “Public Records?”
We can give receipts for donations
We may be tax exempt
If we are incorporated we may have protection from litigation

Schedule for 2017 (Preliminary)
January 8       Stephen McCabe
February 5       Short meeting because of Super Bowl
March 5       Open
April 2       Prep for S&S
April 29 & 30       Spring Show & Sale
May 14       Possible trip to Santa Cruz: the UCSC Arboretum and possibly a nursery
June 4       Open
July 9       Country Store
August 6 or 13       Open
September (late)       Succulent Gardens Extravaganza (probable) This will be on a Saturday
October 1       Fall S&S (Date???)
November 5       Open
December 2       Party (Location to be determined)

Adjourned @ 11:55: LD