February 5, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attending: Linda Delgado, Kathi Cambiano, Sonia Dyer, Loyd Monaco, Roger Lane & Bill Kurtz
        Additional Attendees: Jaan Lepson, Peter Beiersdorfer, Ellen Stubblefield and Gary Stubblefield

Meeting called to order @ 11:00

Meeting was a round table of information regarding future meetings and the Spring Show and Sale (S & S)

Loyd to take over the post cards and flyers from Tony B
        Tony to send Sonia artwork
        Loyd suggested a flash drive to save important information
        We also discussed a permanent drop box
        Loyd will work on the Rosettes for the judged winners

Roger is taking over lining up the Judges for our S & S
        Roger to work with Bill K
        Roger will bring the labels and stamps for the post cards 03/05/2017
        Roger to work on the check list for the S & S

We discussed the early customers at our S & S
        Okay as long as they know that they can’t buy until the S & S is open
        They are not to interfere with the vendors that may still be setting up
        We will all be aware and make sure that security is followed

January 2017 Action Items:
Loyd to look into new ribbons for the S & S (Maybe fancy ones)
        Loyd has contacted the vendor about the rosettes and has worked with Jaan and Peter regarding the count
Sonia to contact Peter and Jaan regarding S & S and 501 (C-3)
        Follow-up with San Francisco and Monterey clubs
        Maybe get help or copies of their paperwork
        Peter shared what he knew about the set-up. Added to 501 (C-3) info
Sonia, Kathi and Loyd to follow-up with Tony B about the flyers

February 2017 New Action Items:
        Sonia to ask Monterey Club why they went to a formal Non-Profit Club
        Roger checking in March regarding Harry’s status
        Loyd to check on the American Legion Post 419 (Jacky Wilk)
        Kathi to investigate setting up club Dropbox account for storage of board member common information: Artwork, checklists, etc.
        Consensus was reached to remove pursuing 501 (C-3) the club will investigate the possibility of becoming a non-profit status

501 (C-3) Filing :Preliminary listing updated

        Tax: City, State & Federal
        Thresholds of $ balance
                •     Amount the club can earn in a year
                •     Amount the club can have on the books
        Internal Audit required?
        Do we need a Resale License for the club? We may have this already
        Do we need to be incorporated?
        Does it impact our Insurance?
        Does this open us up to “Public Records?”
        We may need/have a business license
        Would we need to get a Lawyer to look at this for us?
        Do we want to pursue for one club member?
        What is required by law for our club?
        Are we an Educational or Social club?
        We can give receipts for donations
        We may be tax exempt
        If we are incorporated we may have protection from litigation
        We want all of our members to be happy

Schedule for 2017 (Working)
March 5       Ernesto Sandoval from UC Davis to present Frost Hardy Aloes
        Postcards and flyers in (Loyd)
        Stamps and labels (Roger)
        Entry Forms (Kathi)
April 2       Prep for S & S
        Show prep in all areas
        New Vendor info
        Show plant prep
        Round table event
April 29 & 30       Spring Show & Sale
May 14       Possible trip to Santa Cruz: the UCSC Arboretum and possibly a nursery (Loyd to finalize this)
June 4       Open (May be Russel Wagner)
July 9       Country Store
August 6 or 13       Open
September 10       Open (May be Fred Dortort)
September 29       Succulent Gardens Extravaganza Note: This will be on a Saturday
October 12-14       Set-up October 12: Fall S & S October 13 & 14
November 5       Open
December 2       Party (Location to be determined: Hoping for Harry’s)

Adjourned @ 12:15: LD