March 5, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attending: Peter Beiersdorfer, Jaan Lepson, Kathi Cambiano, Roger Lane, Sandy Carter, Loyd Monico, Sonia Dyer
Absent: Linda Delgado, Joseph Hidalgo

Called to order: 11AM

The main agenda item today is the joint review of the Show & Sale prep checklist Roger created several years ago, but which hasn’t gotten much use since then. Roger brought in a copy for each of us to use, and will update his checklist to reflect inputs from this meeting.

Peter is reducing tables for unpaid-up vendors. It is believed this will provide better incentive for the vendors to keep their dues paid up than simply deducting their dues from their proceeds.

We will leave off skirting in the Show area. Still use table covers.

Kathi’s box of supplies is only for the Show area. Loyd will buy and label a box for supplies for “Registers”, and a box for supplies for "Plant Hotel&qout;.

Peter would like the Registers box to contain 2 staplers, staples, several pens, and tape for making boxes.

Peter would like signs near the registers that say "Make checks out to CSS-SJ.", and "We take Visa, MC, and Discover. Will appear as 'Nor-Cal' on your statement." Sonia will make these signs and get clear plastic holders for them.

Jaan would like the supplies box for the Show area to include the mailing list sign-up sheet, member application sheets, clipboards, pens, raffle tickets, voting dots.

Jaan needs volunteers for set-up, for Show door-security, and for judging clerks. Sonia to add article in next issue of newsletter.

Promote not only the bringing in of boxes, but also newspaper to stuff them with.

Sonia will create official Volunteer Sign-Up forms for use at next month’s regular club meeting.

We need more signs out front directing people to the 2 different parking areas. We need realtor-type signs to put on the corner at El Camino, since the school is out-of-sight.

Kathi recommends we get a storage locker near Peterson School.

General agreement that food supplied at the Show and Sale should include more diet sodas.

Roger to add Craigslist, social media, CSSA,, etc. to the Publicity section of his checklist.


Kathi has created a shared "Cactus Board" folder on DropBox, for storage of the master copies of forms, graphic artwork, flyers, etc. Kathi and Sonia tested it yesterday, and it works. Kathi sent Sonia an “invitation” to use the folder, and Sonia was prompted to enter her existing DropBox password.

Roger brought in stamps and address labels for use on the show and sale postcards. Sonia will save them for the next board meeting, as Roger will be on vacation.

Loyd is still working with the printer, and the postcards and flyers will be ready in a few days. He will bring the postcards to the next board meeting, and will get the flyers to Kathi before then so she can start distribution for publicity. Loyd wishes to discuss a software question relating to creation of future postcards offline with Kathi.

Sonia has talked to Claudia, who agrees she should drop off the board for now, due to her unavailability to attend meetings. Publicity falls back onto Kathi’s plate. Sonia has a call into Joseph Hidalgo about the same issue, but still hasn’t heard back.

Since the last meeting, Sonia published an update on the 501c3 issue after she talked with the president of the Monterey Club. 501C3 has been taken off the board’s table for the present.

Sandy and Roger have had a discussion off-line about the prompt cashing of member dues checks.

Availability of Harry’s Hoffbrau for the December holiday party is still an open question. We may need to ask club members to propose alternative locations.

Loyd continues to work on getting fancier ribbons for the best prize winners at the Show.

We need to add a section to our newsletter listing other club’s sales, and other scheduled events of interest. The best way to acquire this info may be for our newsletter editor to begin exchanging newsletters with the editors of other nearby clubs. At our end, this should involve adding the other newsletter editors to our email distribution list.

Kathi discovered CSSA had last year’s sales dates on their web site. She successfully had them update this info to reflect our upcoming show.

Meeting adjourned 11:55AM.