April 3, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attending: Sandy Carter, Kathi Cambiano, Sonia Dyer, Loyd Monico (late)

Linda had to work today. Sonia will publish meeting minutes in her absence. Roger is in Africa. No one’s been able to reach Joseph Hidalgo lately. Sonia will try to reach him via snail mail. Due to his unavailability so far this year, Sonia will seek an additional Associate Director to add to the Board. Sonia will also seek a new volunteer for Hospitality Assistant to help Terri Koike, per recommendation of Kathi.

Kathi is concerned that CSSA is not being kept up to date by our affiliate rep on our show dates, officer changes, URL, etc. Board will discuss this with Roger upon his return.

Sandy has the new 2017 Roster ready to hand out at today’s general meeting. She and Sonia will also have copies available for distribution at the Show and Sale. She reports that the club now has 180 members.

Kathi suggests that the 2017 Roster, as well as the template for the roster, be added to the Board’s new DropBox page. Sandy also suggests adding the postcard mailing list currently maintained by Roger. Sandy and Kathi to pursue, with addition of Roger upon his return.

Before leaving for Africa, Roger reported to Sonia that he has reserved Dec 2 at Harry’s Hofbrau for the club’s annual Holiday Party. He also reported that he has lined up 3 judges for the upcoming show, but has been unable to reach the 4th person he had in mind. In his absence, Sonia will continue to pursue getting that 4th judge lined up.

Kathi has noticed that the club’s web site has a new show-and-sale volunteer sign-up page that lists Bill Gingris, Jaan Lepson, and Sonia Dyer as contacts. Sonia will also have sign-up sheets available in today’s general meeting.

Kathi and Asmita would like to be notified of general-meeting topics as they become available, so they can post this info on the club’s new social media pages. They currently don’t find out until the monthly newsletter is published.

Loyd arrived with the Show-and-Sale postcards, so we can begin adding the stamps and address labels that Roger had delivered at the previous board meeting.

Kathi had expected to be able to schedule prospective fall show dates with Peterson Middle School during March, but the school now says to check back with them in late April.

Sonia has gotten 2 signs made for each of the Sale cash registers, per request of Peter.

Kathi reports that Janet Stevenson is taking care of getting ribbons for the Show.

Loyd reports that he hasn’t heard back from Steve McCabe, and therefore he has decided that the expected May field trip to the Santa Cruz Arboretum is cancelled. Loyd has no future speakers lined up.

Sonia is assuming the role of Program Chair, beginning with lining up a May field trip to the Arboretum.