February 4, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 10:40 AM by President Sonia Dyer. Roll call was taken, the following current board members were present: Kathi Cambiano, Linda Delgado, Sandy Carter. In addition, the following expanded board members and proposed board members* were present: Bill Lemke, Svetlana Bellam, Allen Krever, Bobbi Bornstein, Monica Moran*, Joyce McPheeters*, Wes McPheeters*, Elinor McRae, Gary Stubblefield*, Ellen Stubblefield, Dan Martinez*, Peter Beiersdorfer, Jaan Lepson, Asmita Deshpande.

Motion to vote in the new members* to the board was proposed, and seconded; motion approved.

Motion to change the start time of the board meetings from 11am to 10:30am, seconded and motion approved with one negative vote.

Agenda will be divided into financial, show and sale as well as joint activities that affect both.

Linda asked that the record show that members leaving the board positions be recognized and appreciated.

Sonia shared with the board that Roger Lane has submitted his resignation letter to the board, effective Jan. 27, 2018, and left town. Because of the numerous roles that Roger has held for the club, the board will need to make numerous moves to replace him. The most important and time sensitive one for the welfare of the club is to remove his name and any other names (Bill Munkacsy) assigned to the club’s Wells Fargo checking account. Motion put before the board to remove both Roger Lane and Bill Munkacsy as signers on the club account and place Sonia Dyer and Kathi Cambiano onto the account as signers with the caveat that they can add additional signers at the club’s discretion in the future. Motion was seconded and approved.

Sandy will deposit member checks, once she is added to the account. Will be more streamlined and faster since Roger didn’t open mail quickly or deposit checks quickly.

Question of how to divide up role of Treasurer?
Show and sale duties
set up cash registers
pay sales tax
bar codes (Peter or Roger?)
other duties?
reimbursements (must attend mtgs)
deposit member dues

Roger has been taking care of our insurance for the show and sale, which is coming due in Feb. Sonia is looking into whether it has been renewed or not while Roger is out of state. She also mentioned that we might want to look into "Insurance for directors" in the future. For the time being, Sonia will be overseeing the insurance matters.

Peter pointed out that Roger IS NorCal in terms of cash registers, bar code system, sales tax, credit cards (which account for 75% of our show and sale transactions). The big job with CC transactions is the disputes that sometimes occur. Will Roger be continuing in his role for NorCal? We cannot take that over, it involves 6 different clubs! Peter prints the barcodes for Roger. What about Square? In SF, cash register totals purchase, but the printout goes to ipad at a separate station to pay, so the CC receipts from square go to the club and eliminates NORCAL. Sacramento, Monterey, and SJ, are the 3 clubs that use NORCALs CC and barcodes.

Dan and Bobbie might be interested in sharing some of treasurer duties, but need to speak to Roger before committing. Dan indicated he would be interested in handling the reimbursement part of the treasurer duties.

Insurance: Sonia will keep for now
Oversee the bank account, take new signees in: Sonia
Plant sale related: Open
Audit of finances: suggest a team once a year

Monica will be taking over the programming duties from Sonia, and provided a projected schedule for 2018 at the meeting.

Action item: Kathi to devise a leash for staplers at the registers.

Prusch is not available on 10/7, and vote was taken whether we should schedule a meeting on 10/14 or forego an October meeting? The decision was to skip it, and to focus on getting our Fall show and sale at Peterson on that weekend instead. It was noted that Monterey is planned for the last weekend in Sept.

Show and Sale joint activities:
Venue: Kathi will continue to work with Peterson.

Williams Party Rental: Roger has been ordering the tables, same amount with 3-6 tables leftover. sometimes a few are broken, although we don’t pay for the broken ones. We can pay extra to have the delivery window narrowed. Might be $100 more for 3:30-4:30. If Roger is no longer going to do this, Kathi will do this. Should be a standing order?

Russell Wagner, our speaker, suggested that we eliminate one category from our judged show; he said that our show was to small to support that many categories. Not enough entries to support the number of categories.

Everyone arriving at Peterson first should have a copy of the floor plan.

Peterson and the dumpster: Its only the last two shows that we’ve had to export the trash to the dumpster. We pay for janitorial, why do we have to haul the trash? What can be done to solve this problem? Can we leave bags in the courtyard? Why did policy change? Is there a way of getting a car in the campus to haul the trash to the dumpster?

Peterson is tentatively set for April 27-29, but is pending until we have a renewal on the insurance policy. As soon as that is renewed, we can lock down Peterson, and advise the vendors.

Volunteer coordinator: Bobbie; Publicity: Eli
Stickers were a big hit; ask me badges: vendors didn’t like them, the jury is still out.

Action item: Kathi - make an information sign to place near the hospitality area

Photography for the show: Alan, open to doing video. Sonia will write an article for the Courier about the show. Should we do a judged show in April? Voted in! Roger took care of judges, usually two for the cactus and two for the succulents; we’ll need to see if he wants to continue that or not.

Jaan and Peter reviewed Show setup for those unfamiliar with it. If there are not enough entries in a specific sub-category, it may be merged with a nearby one. Jaan shared last year’s prize categories. Svetlana and Susan Pi (not present) will share show duties.

Eli would be interested in doing an educational display at the show.

Plan on another expanded board meeting next month. meeting adjourned at 12:10 pm

submitted by Kathi Cambiano 2/5/18