April 8, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attending: Sonia Dyer, Kathi Cambiano, Sandy Carter, Monica Moran, Dan Martinez, Gary Stubblefield, Ellen Stubblefield, Wes McPheeters, Joyce McPheeters, Roger Lane, Svetlana Bellam, Mark Womack

Sandy handed out copies of the 2018 Roster, and will hand out more at the upcoming Show & Sale. She provided some to Sonia for distribution at future meetings. After dropping people who havenít paid their dues in a while, we now have 206 members. Our club has grown by over 15% in the last year.

Kathi provided 1000 Show & Sale postcards, which she had already taken the time to put stamps on. Roger provided the printed address labels, which we collectively applied during the meeting.

Dan Martinez has been added to the clubís bank account as a Co-Treasurer.

Sonia stated that she made a mistake in the Prez Sez article published in the last club newsletter. In discussing the decision made in the previous Board Meeting about ShowBucks for non-vendor club members, where she said people would receive $10 in ShowBucks for "every 2 hours" volunteered on a given day, she should have said they would receive $10 in ShowBucks for volunteering "at least 2 hours" on a given day. She will announce this correction in todayís general club meeting, and publish a correction in the next newsletter.

When the Stubblefields were asked how the Monterey club handles ShowBucks, they said it doesnít give out ShowBucks.

The major topic for todayís meeting was how to honor those who make an especially great contribution to making the Show & Sale a success, and/or for making the club in general a success.

We first, after much discussion, agreed on what the prize would be for those singled out. The prize for each honoree will be $100 in ShowBucks (with a special exception made for those few who are not physically able to attend the Show & Sales, or otherwise donít want more plants, who will receive a $100 Visa Gift Card instead). The prize is meant to be generous, to encourage people to strive to receive it. Motion proposed by Joyce, seconded by Mark, passed unanimously.

An even longer discussion then took place on how to pick out those to be honored. We ultimately agreed that the club will select a total of 3 to 5 individuals, to be honored at the annual December holiday party. These individuals will be selected as follows:

The winners will be announced near the start of the December holiday party, so that the winners may make use of their prize during the holiday party auction, if they so desire. Otherwise, the prize may be used at the Spring or Fall Sale of the following year.

The motion to approve the above policy was proposed by Joyce, seconded by Gary, and unanimously approved by vote of the Board.

Joyce agreed to be the Voting Coordinator, and Monica offered to assist.