August 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Members present: Sonia D., Gary S., Kathi C., Joyce Mc., Wes Mc., Svetlana B., Monica M., Dan M.

  1. Spring Show and Sale
    1. Sonya handed out P&L
      1. Sales tax took profit from 16K to 9K
    2. Zelle is suggested as possible option for vendor payments

  2. End of Year Awards
    1. Joyce will create ballot for Club Member Choice
      1. Option 1: blank ballot
      2. Option 2: slate of candidates with or without description with a blank for write-in
        1. 7-8 candidates must be members in good standing
    2. only members of the club will be invited to vote

  3. Mini Shows
    1. Categories of "______ plants and/or your choice" is perhaps too ambiguous?
      1. Monterey club has a "show and tell" option equivalent to our "something special"

  4. September Show and Sale
    1. Voting and entry form - concern that plants closest to the door get the majority of votes
      1. Possible solutions:
        1. Reminding voters to spread out their choices
        2. Dot distribution is at other end of the room
      2. 10 votes per person
      3. no specific divisions
      4. insist on list of plants for each participant (printed clearly)
        1. if not on the list, data not entered and therefore not counted
      5. ribbons still distributed
    2. rent 5 additional tables for the people in check-out line
    3. Peterson hours:
      1. F 15:30 - 21:00
      2. S 7:00 - 18:00
      3. S 8:00 - 17:30

  5. Board Matters
    1. Mark Womack moving out of state which leaves an opening for other members to join after-meeting clean-up and Board
      1. Dan, Monica and Joe will continue to help with clean-up
    2. Bylaws limit president term to 2 years - Sonia’s term almost up. The Board should start looking seeking someone to fill the position.