September 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attending: Linda Delgado, Kathi Cambiano, Sonia Dyer, Dan Martinez, Wes McPheeters, Joyce McPheeters, Gary Stubblefield, Monica Moran, Svetlana Bellam, Ellen Stubblefield, Peter Beiersdorfer, Roger Lane, Jaan Lepson, and Loyd Monaco

Meeting called to order @ 10:30 09/09/2018

Meeting was a round table

Flyers came in and mailing labels were place on them.

It was noted that there was an overcharge on one person’s credit cards bill for a charge at the Spring Show and Sale (SS&S). This was corrected.

The check off sheet for the Fall Show and Sale (FS&S) was reviewed.

Kathi had some concerns that the photography section sometimes was overlooked. We will review this and try to make corrections.

This is a People’s Choice event and there will be 24 awards: 23 standard and 1 Sweepstakes. We may look into dividing the tables to identify the different categories in the future to make it fair for all levels of growers. We discussed the FS&S Categories and there may be some revisions for next year. Roger and Svetlana to look at this.

Gary and Dan will work together on placement of the outdoor signs.

Show Bucks were discussed.

Kathi created “Helpful Hints” for the show and sale. She bought a really cool back-drop for the Club Welcome area.

Online sign-up sheet for volunteers at the FS&S has been created.

Kathi has created a “go back” box for people that have changed their minds on purchases.

Linda brought in some of her Non-used pots and sold them to the club at a discount to help with the prizes at the FS&S.

We discussed an awful lot of items…It was a very good meeting!

Action Items:

Meeting adjourned: 12:00: LD