October 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attending: Linda Delgado, Kathi Cambiano, Sonia Dyer, Dan Martinez, Gary Stubblefield, Svetlana Bellam, Ellen Stubblefield and Roger Lane

Meeting called to order @ 10:30 10/14/2018

Meeting was a round table about the Fall Show and Sale (FS&S)

Financials are not final. Estimated $63k minus tax = $58k. $14k to the club.

Roger asked about the Seller’s Permit. Dan to scan.

Dan will provide more coins for the next Show and Sale.

Reminder: No early entries. You must be a club member to come in before the posted times.

If you come on Friday, you need to help set-up.

The information table looked really nice with the cactus backdrop.

There was a lot of discussion about the Show. Svetlana and Roger will be looking at the format for next year.
Items that were discussed:

Sonia or Dan to file tax? Dan with Sonia help.

Other items discussed:

Update Mini-Show rules regarding not bringing in “Wet” plants

New Officer’s slate to be brought to the November 2018 Meeting. Voting at the Holiday Event on December 1st.

Club awards were discussed:

Other smaller awards were discussed and moved and passed.

Two people were approved for Life membership. To be awarded at Holiday event.

Dan to look into either fixing the projector, buying a used projector or buying a new projector. Moved and passed that he can purchase a new one up to $2k. If over $2k, he will email the board for approval.

We discussed an awful lot of items…It was a very good meeting!

Action Items: