November 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attending: Linda Delgado, Kathi Cambiano, Sonia Dyer, Dan Martinez, Gary Stubblefield, Ellen Stubblefield, Roger Lane, Gary Stubblefield, Wes McPheeters, Joyce McPheeters, Monica Moran, Bill Lemke and Loyd Monaco

Meeting called to order @ 10:40 11/04/2018

Meeting was a round table recap about the Past and Future year

Financials for the Fall Show and Sale (FS&S) are not final. Profit and Loss report will be available at the January 2019 Board Meeting.

Kathi may have a projector that was donated from the Art Museum to the club. Dan to check it out.

Dan filed the tax for the FS&S.

Slate for 2019-2020 was presented:
      President: Dan Martinez
      Vice President: Kathi Cambiano
      Secretary: Monica Moran
      Treasure: Sonia Dyer
      Associate: Loyd Monaco
      Additional Associates to be named later

Sonia moved and it was voted on to place Loyd Monaco in the position of Associate for remainder of this year.

Roger has volunteered to help the treasure during the remainder of the year with the remainder of the transition items.

Holiday Event:

CSSA Convention will be in San Luis Obispo, July 17-20. Do we want to look into this?

Kathi sent the insurance update.

Spring Show and Sale (SS&S) will be held on April 27 & 28th. This is the weekend after Easter.

Meeting days for second half of 2019 were presented by Kathi: (May be subject to change)
      July 14
August 4
September 8
October 13
November 3
December 7 (Holiday Party)

Action Items:

Meeting adjourned: 12:00: LD