Rules for Vendors at our Spring and Fall Show & Sales:

  1. Vendors may sell at CSSSJ sales events by invitation only.

  2. All vendors must have been CSSSJ members for at least 6 months prior to the sales event and must be currently in good standing.
    Send club dues to Sandy Carter, 841 San Juan Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94085.

  3. Vendors must perform work duties (cash register operation, security, etc.) based on the total number of tables allocated. Each table requires 1 hour of work per day up to four hours per day.

  4. Vendors are expected to assist in the setup and breakdown of the show & sales area.

  5. Each vendor, who requests two tables or more, is required to enter a minimum of ten plants in the show.

  6. No show items will be allowed to leave the show area until the sale is over and all sales have been completed on Sunday.

  7. All items for sale must have a barcode. If you need barcode labels, please contact Roger Lane (

  8. Please keep parking spaces near the entry doors available for our customers. Vendors should use these parking spaces only for loading and unloading.

Exceptions due to extenuating circumstances must be arranged beforehand with the show or sale chair.

Repeated failure to follow the show rules or to comply with requests of the show & sale leadership, shall result in a reduction of the number of tables allocated to that vendor in future show & sale events or in being dropped from the invitation list altogether.