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Membership Renewal

Fill in all of the necessary fields in the form, then click the "Submit Application" button at the bottom of the form to submit your renewal application electronically to the CSSSJ membership director. Shortly afterward, you will receive an email from the membership director containing an address to which you must send a check made payable to "CSSSJ" in the amount shown in step 1 of the form. Your membership renewal is not complete until your check is received and processed.

PLEASE READ: CSSSJ Membership is good for 12 months after dues are paid.

Required fields are in red.

  1. Select whether you are paying for a single or couples membership.
     Dues:   Single Membership ($15)     Couple's Membership ($20)

  2. Type your first and last name, and for couples memberships, the first and last name of the additional member, in the following boxes.


  3. Enter the specified information into the remaining fields below.

     City:     State:     Zip:

     Phone     Home:       Cell:


  4. The club newsletter (The CSSSJ Cactus Courier) is distributed electronically. You will be emailed each month when the newsletter has been uploaded to the web site and you will be provided with the Internet address through which you can view it.

  5. Type any additional comments or instructions for the CSSSJ membership director in the box below:

  6. Carefully review all of the information above for accuracy, then, click the "Submit Application" button.

    Clicking the "Reset Form" button resets all information in the form.

Send questions or comments to the CSSSJ Webmaster: