Plant Hotel FAQ

What’s the plant hotel?

A place to temporarily store boxes full of plants you plan to purchase.

Why would I use it?

Most likely because you’ve filled a box, but haven’t finished shopping, and would like to keep looking without having to carry — and juggle — multiple boxes. Or maybe you’d like to step out to lunch, or run a quick errand, or… you get the idea.

How does it work?

You bring us one or more boxes. We place a uniquely-numbered ticket in each box, place the box in our storage area, and hand you the other half of each ticket.

When you’re ready to reclaim your boxes, just hand us your tickets, and we’ll retrieve the corresponding boxes for you.

One ticket per box?

Yes. We sometimes have to move boxes around to make the best use of space; giving each box its own ticket helps us keep it from getting lost.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. It’s completely free of charge.

Can I leave my boxes overnight?

Unfortunately, no. Since the Plant Hotel resides outside the building, there’s no way for us to lock it down and keep your selections safe.