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Mini Show
Categories for 2011

CactusSucculentsSomething SpecialBeginner's Luck
January  Any cactus in bloomPelargoniumIf you could have only ONE plant ...what would it be? (or your choice)Dish Gardens
February  The "un-beauty" contest for the Hairiest CactusThe "un-beauty" contest for weird succulentsValentine theme (red/pink flowers, plants, spines, or blush) (or your choice)Aloes
March  Best use of unique container to complement a cactusBonsai !Best in plant staging (or your choice)Mammilaria
April  Spring Show & Sale
May  Back from the Dead! (Rescues, salvages, and nursed back to health) Photos please!Back from the Dead! (Rescues, salvages, and nursed back to health) Photos please!Best use of recycled materials (or your choice)Blooming cacti
June  Monstrose CactusLithops/Living StonesTwins separated by genus (two plants that resemble each other but are from different genera or families ie: euphorbia/cactus and haworthia/aloe) (or your choice)Stapeliads
July  Country Store
August  Plants that are a source of food or medicinePlants that are a source of food or medicineEcheverias (or your choice)Agaves
September  Your oldest cactusEuphorbiaSeedlings you have sown (or your choice)Ferocactus
October  Fall Show & Sale
November  Cacti from MexicoCrassula (Adromischus, Cotyledon, Tylecodon, Kalanchoe, etc.)Thinking outside the pot, planting in rock, wood or driftwood (or your choice)Gasteria
December  Holiday Party

NOTE: Subject to change, based on the scheduling of speakers and programs.

Contact Kathi Cambiano, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions concerning the Mini Show.

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