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Mini Show


  • Bring in a plant that falls in the category for that month.
  • Fill out the voting tag. (Your name should be on the right hand side of the tag.)
  • Vote for your favorite in each category.
  • Be prepared to tell about the plant when the voting is completed.

A member may enter up to five plants in each Mini Show. (Excessive entries will not be counted.)
Program runs from January through November. Winners are announced at the Holiday Party.
Due to the nature of each meeting's schedule or theme, a Mini Show may not be part of the program. If the Mini Show is scheduled for a meeting, categories will be published on the web site home page and in the newsletter for that meeting.
The maximum points per month is 25.

Point System:

1for each entry
1for each vote
5extra points for first place in each category


The three club members with the highest points in the Advanced category and the three club members with the highest points in the Novice category will each be allowed to select a pot made by one of our potters and bought and donated by the club. They will also be able to say that they were one of the top three in the mini show standings in their category for the year! If you have at least 10 points, you will get to select a plant from the plant table working backwards from the highest points.


Cactus of the Month(Advanced and Novice)
Succulent of the Month(Advanced and Novice)
Something Special(Advanced and Novice)
Beginners Luck(Novice only)

Contact Loyd Monaco, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions concerning the Mini Show.

Send questions or comments to the CSSSJ Webmaster: